Ramco is current with all important qualifications for aerospace and defense protocols.

  • AS9100D certification. Quality management system for Aerospace.
  • ITAR registered. International Traffic in Arms Regulations, U.S. regulatory body.
  • JCP certified. Joint Certification Program, for access to unclassified military technical data.
  • Member, AIAM (Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan).


From production for a global engine manufacturer, to the intricacies of military and commercial scopes, Ramco is highly experienced in fashioning precision parts to meet the most demanding requirements and deadlines. We are set up and can quickly respond with the scale needed for specialty, low volume orders.

Ramco works with you to prototype, early performance-test and verify, reducing the potential for surprises. Both engineering and machining are consistently reliable in highly stringent circumstances. Few companies can react as quickly and thoroughly to defense contractors’ particular needs as we do.

Ramco Specialties has both the long experience and the technical capabilities to answer the special demands of aerospace and defense.


We understand the significance of what you produce and your need for thoroughness in every aspect of production and delivery. Ramco’s abilities and experience include all phases of producing sensitive and complex components.

This extends to kitting: we know that how parts are packaged can be a crucial detail in a successful project. For example, Ramco is careful to assemble components with tight tolerances to prevent them from contact with each other. Bagging, tray assembly, and special packaging are all techniques we provide.

Ramco’s experience includes the DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) process for military materials and supply. With decades of experience in providing engineering and machining solutions, Ramco is ready to serve.


We understand how much rides on your work. Ramco specializes in:

  • Gear components.
  • Bent and formed tubing.
  • Welded, braised, mechanically assembled parts.
  • CNC mill and lathe parts.