Electric Vehicles

EV motors require tight tolerances on highly engineered machined parts and partners with reliable cleanliness standards. MG3 Michigan has the expertise on electric vehicle components.

Battery Pack Components

When you need Gen3 steel for high-performing hardness and the weight performances you require, work with MG3 to develop the solution. Our engineering team has developed

  • RamTek clinch and pierce fastening systems for sheet metal and aluminum
  • RamTek super weld nut for Gen3 super high strength steel including boron steels
  • Mounting architecture for battery-to-frame
  • Long bolt washer assemblies
  • Pinion nuts, locked or unlocked

We work in conjunction with product development assistance. Our solutions are always designed as lightweight as possible, allowing for longer vehicle range. With large diameter capabilities, cleaned in-house, and specialty packaging based on tonnage requirements, we are ready to handle your complex requirements.

EV Powertrain Components

MG3 has been responsible for creating a wide variety of EV parts in large sizes, up to M72.

  • Mixed materials assemblies
  • Electric connection motor nuts