MG3 Fastener Solutions


Ramco Europe SPA was founded in Brescia, Italy, in 1996. In 2000 Ramco Europe SPA moved its headquarters and its plant in Gavardo (Brescia, Italy) and in 2013 set up a logistic plant in Montichiari (Brescia, Italy).

Our organization is IATF 16949 certified and supplies worldwide automotive industry, producing and marketing internal and external threaded parts. Ramco Europe is specialized in metallic distortion and in the application of special sealer on internal and external thread.

Customer full satisfaction is our goal and this goal is pursued by us providing high quality standards, punctuality and competitive prices.



Ramco’s engineering team can work with you on any application, design, product or standardization issues you may have. Work with us by first planning and designing your project. Let us review your products and walk through your assembly process. We will find opportunities to increase reliability, improve function, and reduce costs.


Our products have been specially created for the Automotive industry and we have a wide range of nuts and fasteners. Our locking feature systems can be applied on both standard and special parts. We offer a wide variety of surface treatments, organic and not-organic coatings, zinc platings, application of lubricants, and phosphate treatments in order to satisfy the demand of the most important automotive manufacturing companies.


Localized manufacturing is a key strategic component for Ramco’s future progress. We provide the design, engineering and costing knowledge process necessary to effectively work with our customers. We frequently exceed their expectations, whether it be for prototype parts, management meetings or more.