Localized manufacturing,

MG3 manufactures its most critical fasteners in-house, ensuring complete control over the entire production process.

What MG3 does best.

In a complex environment with intricate supply chains, transportation constraints, and political global challenges, having a reliable local partner like MG3 offers significant advantages. Our stability in localized manufacturing ensures speed, accuracy, and security for your proprietary designs. With high-speed machines, integrated software, and domestic cold forming, we reduce scrap, automate production to lower costs, and keep your product details secure, making us your best option in challenging times.

Cold Forming


Cold forming is a versatile process used to shape a wide range of fasteners with multiple diameters and internally threaded dimensions. This cost-efficient technique not only enhances the hardness and tensile strength of a part through material grain flow but also allows for the creation of complex shapes.


MG3 can cold form parts ranging from 2mm to 280mm in length and 4mm to more than 65mm in diameter, while also being equipped to meet challenging part requirements with the flexibility to adapt to product changes or immediate demand.


Cold-formed parts are ideal for a variety of applications and industries, including automotive, agriculture, civic, and construction sectors. Our parts are integral to thousands of applications, including suspensions, braking and powertrain applications, worldwide.

Secondary Machining


Machining is essential for creating highly precise and complex parts, allowing for exacting tolerances and intricate designs. When combined with secondary machining on cold-formed products, it enhances the functionality and precision of components, making them suitable for applications requiring stringent specifications.


MG3 offers machined components as well as secondary machining on cold-formed products, ensuring exceptional precision and quality to meet the most demanding requirements.

Machined and Secondary Machined Parts Parts Capabilities

  • High precision tolerances
  • Complex geometries
  • Custom finishes


Machined parts and cold-formed parts with secondary machining are vital for various industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial sectors. Our components are utilized in critical applications, such as powertrains, where precision and reliability are paramount, ensuring optimal performance in every use case.



The tapping process is vital to ensuring that threaded components meet stringent technical requirements such as proof load, torque, and clamping force. This process creates precise internal threads, which are essential for the reliable assembly and function of fasteners.

MG3 specializes in the tapping process, providing high-quality threaded components that guarantee superior performance. Our advanced tapping machines and expert technicians ensure that each part meets the specific technical requirements of our customers.


  • High-precision internal threading, offering both rolled and cut thread options
  • Consistent thread quality
  • Compliance with proof load and torque specifications
  • Concentricity for critical applications, such as cold-formed hydraulic couplings

By combining precise threading with our extensive range of surface coatings, we ensure optimal control of torque, clamping force, and coefficient of friction.

Assembly & Locking


MG3 excels in assembly processes, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Whether it’s combining nuts and plates or assembling intricate fasteners with plastic components, our expertise ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. With a focus on precision engineering, we guarantee the reliability and consistency of our assembled products.


Incorporating locking mechanisms is vital for ensuring the safety and reliability of our products. These mechanisms provide additional security and integrity to our components, enhancing their performance in critical applications. As experts in controlling locking, we ensure the requested prevailing torque requirement is met precisely. Additionally, we offer a variety of locking types, including all-metal and those with Nylon inserts.


  • Seamless integration of locking features into threaded components
  • Precision assembly techniques for optimal performance
  • Compliance with safety standards and specifications
  • Expertise in providing solutions for diverse applications, from automotive to industrial sectors

MG3’s expertise in precision assembly and locking mechanisms ensures stringent compliance with safety standards and specifications across diverse applications.

Heat Treatment and Surface Coating

At MG3, we prioritize high quality and maximum flexibility in performance for our products. Our external processes encompass a range of treatments to enhance durability, corrosion resistance, and performance, utilizing only audited suppliers that meet the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry.


We offer quenching and tempering processes to harden our products, ensuring superior strength and durability in demanding applications.


Our coating options include both organic and inorganic surface treatments such as zinc alloy and zinc flake coatings, all meeting various automotive standards. The addition of lubricants not only ensures optimal protection against corrosion but also enhances performance in terms of coefficient of friction, torque, and clamp performance.

Sorting & Packing


Our sorting process utilizes the most advanced machines and cameras to ensure precise dimensional control and detect any surface imperfections. This high-tech inspection guarantees that only components meeting our stringent quality standards are delivered to our customers. Our system enables 360-degree control, ensuring comprehensive inspection from every angle.


We offer flexible packing services tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Whether you need products supplied in specific carton boxes, sealed plastic bags or returnable containers, MG3 can accommodate your packing specifications, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of your components.

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