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Welcome to MG3 Fastener Solutions, where precision engineering meets the automotive industry’s demands. We take pride in offering an extensive selection of fastening components designed to meet your exact specifications.

Our innovative locking features and assembly systems are adaptable to both standard components and specialized parts, ensuring reliability and security in every application.

Committed to excellence, we provide a wide range of surface treatments. From organic and non-organic coatings to zinc platings, lubricant applications, and phosphate treatments, we accommodate the most stringent requirements.

Experience unmatched quality and performance with MG3 Fastener Solutions.


Explore our specialized offerings meticulously crafted to match your exact specifications, whether provided by you or developed through collaborative input. We prioritize delivering tailored fastening solutions that guarantee efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your unique needs.


Discover our comprehensive range of standard fasteners meticulously crafted to DIN, ISO, and OEM specifications. Additionally, we offer all-metal locknuts processed in-house, meeting specific prevailing torque features required by our customers.


Our expertise allows us to meet the stringent technical drawing requirements, ensuring precision and accuracy in our machined products or through secondary machining on cold-formed parts. Count on us to fulfill your specialized needs with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Hydraulic Couplings


Discover our precisely cold-formed hydraulic couplings designed specifically for high-pressure tube applications. Engineered with attention to detail, these couplings ensure reliable performance and secure connections in demanding hydraulic systems.


Our capability spans from assembling plates and nuts to intricately joining fasteners with components made from diverse materials like plastic. With our expertise in seamless integration and precise assembly, we ensure a unified solution for your varied product demands, all from a single, reliable source.


Ramcote is our fluorinated ethylenepropylene (Teflon®) based thread coating.

Benefits of Teflon coating:

  • Teflon repels the electrodeposition primers that fasteners incur prior to assembly
  • Repels weld splatters that are generated during the welding process

Ensure the integrity of your fasteners with this protective solution, safeguarding against potential damage and maintaining optimal performance.

  • Specification Approval:
  • General Motors: GM 6076M
  • Ford: WSS-M21P27-A3
  • Chrysler: PS 8542
  • FCA: 9.57455

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